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  KIMDEN LED Panel Displays / Alarms Displays FAW and FU series

KIMDEN is a major Japanese designer and manufacturer of all types of LED's.
The range includes:
- Based LED's
- Panel Mounting LED's
- Flashing/Rotating LED lights
- Matrix LED displays for Alarm Systems.

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  APEX AUTOMATION Alarm Systems Annunciator - AWI

TransTech® has designed Alarm Annunciator Systems for over 20 years. With the APEX ANNUNCIATOR modular approach and options for larger window displays all customers requirements can be covered. An important feature is the Modular construction and Multi-redundancy available.

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  Mosaic Mimics / Control Room Equipment

TransTech® has been designing and manufacturing mosaic style Mimic Panels for over 20 years. Offering German precision and quality engineering mosaic panels consist of a self supporting grid assembly and self fixing tiles of 24x24mm, 24x48mm, 48x48mm and 40x40mm. Full design advice and local assembly ensures that the mimic meets the customer's requirements. Also:- Mosaic Mimic panels from STREY, PRO PLAN, SWISSINCO, SYMO, ENTRELEC, APE.

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  DOMO Semaphore Indicators type CR

TransTech® offers the extensive range of panel Semaphore LED indicators from DOMO Italy. The range comes in various voltages 24Vac/dc to 130Vac/dc and to 240Vac - other power supplies on request. Size is 16 or 24mm in either round or square style. Various colours are RG / GY / RY / WW. Options include in-built diode to prevent reverse feed, Faston terminals and flying leads, Positive or Negative common, Topicalization.

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  DOMO Signalling and Control

TransTech® offers design support for Mosaic Mimic Panels and Control Room Consoles, etc.
TransTech® also recently formed a Distribution Agreement with DOMO S.r.l. from Italy to sell their range of TV22 and CRT panel mounted LED Semaphore indicators, Mosaic Panels and Alarm.

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