• 1.0 ABTECH 2019 Shortform
ABTECH products over-view with the new development "SX Busbar" range for 5.5kV 3kA with IECEx Certification.

• 1.1 Shortform PA and FA
Products from Transtech

• 1.2 BATTERY CHARGER & PSU giving 140 Watts backup for SCADA instalaltions
Transtech's 140Watt solid state Battery Charger / Power Supply is now capable of delivering enough charge current to be used with 32AH batteries. The IPS-BC-140W can not only charge two 12v batteries totally independent of each others condition but deliver up to 4 amps at the same time. Typical applications are for the SCADA / RTU market where remote sites have a modem and rely upon a battery backup configuration.

• 2. Hybrid Surge Protectors
Transtech has released a range of "Hybrid" Lightning Protectors for the Australian market. The range incorporates GA and MOV protection in a unique combination. The result is a cost effective Surge/Lightning range that will satisfy the Switchboard builder market.

• 3. FEMA C Series Multi-function Displays offer many features as standard.
Transtech is the Australian Distribution for the FEMA range of Panel Displays and has pleasure in releasing the C Series 96mmx48mm panel display with multi-inputs from Voltage AC thru to RTD and TC.

• 4. Baumer HOG 10 Applications
Baumer Hubner is the leading European Heavy Duty Encoder Company and the HOG 10DN series is installed Australia wide and offers genuine heavy duty quality and reliability. This innovative range of Heavy Duty (HD) encoders keeps the iron Ore industry running and fills many other applications on the Docks and Ports of Australia. The range is stocked in Perth by Transtech the Australian Distributor for Baumer Motion Control division.

• 5. ULTRASONIC SENSOR range from MD offering Quality and Performance
MD Microdetector, a leading European sensor Company, has released an expanded and updated range of Ultrasonic Sensors. The range is being stocked in Perth by Transtech the Australian Distributor for MD Microdetector.

• 6. UPS 24VDC 100Watts
Ideal for SCADA support the IPS-UPS/100W is supplied from the mains and has an in-built DC/DC convertor to ensure a "no-break" change-over from Mians Supply to Battery.

• 7. SIL 2 Rated Conveyor Monitoring System
SIL testing to IEC 61508 results in II-056 meeting SIL 2. The Safe-T-Pull conveyor pull-wire system for the Mining Industry now meets the stringent safety standard.

• ABTECH 3.3kV submersible JB
ABTECH 20M 3.3kV Junction Box


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   • AOG 2020 - Perth March 11-13 Stand L33
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